Development Log
Early Access Beta
Ultimate United v0.60.0
Sep 19, 2022
- Personas database refactor - Terms submission form & public database page - Admin & back-end improvements
Ultimate United v0.59.0
May 12, 2022
New homepage with: - Updated feed card styles - Daily Section: New content every day like history, events, terms and resources - Activity section: Recent resources and current spotlights - News Section: From the leagues, Ultiworld, and the web - Social Section: Ultimate United social media pages
Ultimate United v0.58.2
Feb 28, 2022
- Iconography added to rulebooks to designate new rules, updated rules and changed-in-next-version rules
Ultimate United v0.58.1
Jan 23, 2022
- Bug fixes
Ultimate United v0.58.0
Jan 18, 2022
- New top bar design - New mobile menu bar - New sidesheet design - Updated operations panel - PUL Rules added (experimental rulebook based on PUL's description) - Rulebooks 3D effect fixed
Ultimate United v0.57.0
Nov 18, 2021
- Patreon launched - Added Patreon links around - Discord server launched (accessed via becoming Patreon) - Automations improvements - New Logomark
Ultimate United v0.56.0
Jun 11, 2021
- Updated rulebook & rules UI - Rules database refactor to enable new features: - Comparing past & future rule versions - Comparing rules to similar rules from different league rulebooks - Seeing translations of rules, when official translation available
Ultimate United v0.55.0
Mar 16, 2021
- Updated Rules page interface with tabs and 3D book buttons - Added WFDF 2021-24 Rules - Added USAU 11th Edition Rules
Ultimate United v0.54.0
Dec 22, 2020
- Dev Log Page - Added all previous Release Notes to Dev Log - Finished homepage prep for content feed - Updated Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookies Policy - Moved quick menu to floating button on homepage
Ultimate United v0.53.0
Dec 16, 2020
- Moved old home page content to About page - Built new home page scaffolding to be ready for Posts - Post CMS & component design - Post types for Resouces, Term of the day, Platform Highlights, Creator Spotlight, Topic Spotlight, Seasonal Spotlight, Articles, Community Message
Ultimate United v0.52.0
Nov 11, 2020
- Optimized lazy load - Copy link button for Resource, Term, and Rule sidesheets - Updated Suggest a Resource features - Added view into recently updated Resources - Added format filters in resource collections
Ultimate United v0.51.0
Oct 27, 2020
- Similar resources tab shows other resources by creator and topics - Faster load time to external resource
Ultimate United v0.50.0
Oct 14, 2020
- CMS automation overhaul: Airtable & Integromat integration - Resource Collections - Topics data added - Rules cosmetic and data-reference improvements
Ultimate United v0.49.0
Aug 8, 2020
Search - Search results show in side sheet - Site search moved from Resources page to Home and Menu Terms - When finding a term, the string searched for is now highlighted - Terms CMS is prepped for spanish and german terms - Terms side sheets now have translation section - Globalized terms custom code Rules - Clicking rich-text hyperlink in rule opens referenced rule in side sheet instead of scrolling to rule on page - WFDF appendix page Resources - Tweet resource button - Tweet at creator button General - Find icon changed
Ultimate United v0.48.0
Jun 21, 2020
- Terms tool has sidesheets now - Resources can now have multiple creators - First pass at adding WFDF Rulebook content - Now using Webflow tabs on community page instead of custom code
Ultimate United v0.47.0
Jun 2, 2020
- New panel UI for rules in explore mode - Find mode for rules now highlights word searched - Meta descriptions added to each rule page for better SEO - anchor tags in rules - anchor tags converted to links in side sheet or rule page - Rule chapters open side sheet - Sidesheet icon changes
Ultimate United v0.46.0
Mar 27, 2020
- Community Creator page with info card and paginated list of resources - Community Platform page with info card and paginated list of resources - Resources side sheet has links to view pages of person by or what platform it is on - SEO configuration updates
Ultimate United v0.45.0
Mar 4, 2020
- Menu behavior changes - Rules tool beta release
Ultimate United v0.44.0
Feb 23, 2020
- Resource tool load performance improvements - Side sheet functionality in Resources tool - Over 1000 resources
Ultimate United v0.43.0
Jan 22, 2020
- Terms added to search results
Ultimate United v0.42.1
Jan 12, 2020
- Icon updates - Finish homepage update - iOS bug fixes - Skeleton load content - Removed type/tags from terms card
Ultimate United v0.42.0
Jan 5, 2020
- Renaming 'app' to 'tool' - Resources custom code migration to global custom code - Javascript re-writes for use across tools - Terms Tool sort, filter, search functionality - New flow: Tool > Collections > Collection-filtered view - Suggest Resource & Suggest Term surveys & links Resources Tool Updates - Removed league tags - Global search on collections page - Admin page - Free & Premium Collections
Ultimate United v0.41.0
Nov 15, 2019
Resources - Extended what search queries beyond resource title (now searches medium, by, personas, and tags) - Multi-word search
Ultimate United v0.40.0
Oct 27, 2019
- Hide "Scroll to top" button when at top - Terms appops update to new layout - Resource card document image lazy load - Updated homepage layout & content - Rules WIP
Ultimate United v0.39.0
Oct 10, 2019
- Custom scrollbars Resource App enhancements - New mode toggle layout on desktop - Reset explore functionality/design
Ultimate United v0.38.0
Sep 22, 2019
- Migrated general scripts to global custom code, code clean-up Terms App - Terms card design - Auto scroll-to letter/term functionality - App operations design
Ultimate United v0.37.0
Sep 15, 2019
- Skeleton load screens (Replacing Loading Disc) - Javascript performance improvements - Infobar style change on desktop - Lazy load images - Scroll-to-top UX improvements - Updated FAB design - Resource Card UI improvements - Terms Letter Side-nav - Term Card layout & expansion behavior - General bug fixes
Ultimate United v0.36.1
Sep 9, 2019
- Resource card animations removed - Resource card DOM simplification - Bug fixes - Added "Handling" and "Catching & Receiving" tags to Resources explore - Installed Google Analytics
Ultimate United v0.36.0
Sep 8, 2019
- Loading Disc - Menu & Responsive Layout - Basic Home - Links to Bug Report, Feedback Form - Shortcuts Resources app (Beta) - Resource cards grid system - Resource cards adapt to medium, expand for more details - Card titles, buttons, personas, tags, by, editor's choice, price, price disclaimer, length - Submit feedback on specific resource card - Explore Mode - Sort methods - Personas - Tags - Search Mode - Info bar
Development Start!
January 2019