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    How could new players experience ultimate, 10 years from now?


    Meet Alexa.

    This is her story. A vision of the future. Alexa is about to set off on a journey to become an outstanding person, athlete, and leader. Ultimate United will provide resources and tools to help her along the way. Right now, Alexa is in middle school and she’s not very excited about sports and exercise. To her surprise, she began to think differently when she is introduced to ultimate frisbee.

    Educating a Captivated Player

    A mixed ultimate frisbee team visits Alexa's school and plays a game with trick throws, hijinks and amazing catches. Afterwards, the team talks about Spirit of the Game and give out special discs. In gym class they watch a video about the basics of ultimate before playing a game. The same team that visited her school is starting a program at Alexa’s high school. Alexa later joins that high school team and has a coach who uses lesson plans to make practices fun and effective. Her team receives professionally designed sublimated uniforms and starts competing in a spirit league with other schools in the area. Alexa’s parents take interest in ultimate and find online media about Spirit of the Game and how ultimate creates a health-focused, safe and fun environment. Alexa’s parents register her for a summer camp that emphasises safety concepts alongside advanced skills and character building.

    Empowering a Confident Athlete

    Alexa finds out the same folks that helped start her high school program also specialize in starting college teams. Alexa takes online courses about how to start a team, get funding, and attend tournaments. Alexa uses a helpful task calendar to plan ahead but isn’t sure if new players will follow her as a leader. She speaks with a mentor who started a team when they were in college. This gives Alexa confidence to know someone who was in her shoes. Her team gets sponsored for 2 years and receives discounts on lesson plans, conditioning and warm up routines, and team branding. They watch game film analysis, assemble their playbook, learn about advanced nutrition, and ask their regional representative for help finding a coach. During her summers, Alexa recovers and trains while hosting local youth clinics. After 3 years of impressing the school with passion and growth, Alexa's team is granted full funding by the school.

    Enabling a Capable Leader

    Alexa graduates from college with leadership awards and a great resume for her future career. She relocates to a new city and attends a multi-club tryout for guaranteed placement. In her spare time she becomes more involved with online discussion, learns about other leaders in ultimate, listens to a fitness podcast, and pays-it-forward as a remote mentor for new teams. Alexa loves to have the latest stylized performance gear and training equipment while also helping her club team purchase important sideline tools and ultimate-specific first aid kits. Her team tours local elementary, middle and high schools to showcase ultimate in a fun and entertaining way. Alexa signs up for coach certifications that focus on youth development and strength and conditioning. Alexa continues to support youth ultimate by coaching teams and hosting spirit tournaments to foster the sport and environment that helped her reach her potential.

    Alexa was supported by Ultimate United.

    Now she supports the ultimate community.

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