• We wonder...

    Is Ultimate's growth actually being held back?

    The Paradox of Ultimate

    Ultimate has a blessing and a curse with how little equipment is needed to play. It is super accessible for pick-up and leagues, just needing a disc and field space.


    On the other hand, it has commercially lagged behind sports like lacrosse and skateboarding. Those sports came up as alternatives in the same time as Ultimate, but they have more sustainable experiences because of equipment products and competing businesses to back their growth.

  • The Future of Ultimate

    What if there was a new product category in ultimate? The product would need to be as essential as buying a disc or finding a field. It would need to be something rooted in the way the game is played today, but helping the sport evolve into it's future.


    Ultimate United is creating a product that will streamline the way ultimate is taught, learned and experienced. Our entire business model revolves around investing in the sport, growing its market, growing our revenue, and repeating the cycle. All of this while embracing the essence of Ultimate's history, and uniting its values towards common good.


    Ultimate United aims to support youth and college ultimate with the best products, services and resources for sustainable leadership and program development.


    Spirit of the Game





  • PLAN

    Build Ecosystem

    Prevent Leadership Burnout

    • Resource Library
    • Management Tools
    • Mentorship Network

    Unite Opportunities

    Foster Educational Environments

    Grow Ultimate

    Showcase Spirit-Sport Lifestyle

  • Or join our team!

    We actively recruit the best and the brightest with a passion for R&D, leadership and, of course, ultimate! Are you interested in contributing to the Ultimate United mission? Complete an application and send to apply@ultimateunited.com
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