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    Could ultimate grow even faster?

    The Paradox of Ultimate

    There is little equipment needed to play ultimate. Just a disc, a field, and some friends. This is viewed by many as a blessing. Yet, from another point of view, it could potentially be viewed as a curse.


    Ultimate has yet to be commercially successful like the big five sports, but also alternatives like lacrosse and skateboarding. These mainstream sports have something in common: They require much equipment to play.


    Equipment manufacturers have incentives to grow their sports, creating more customers, participants, and fans. How might ultimate consider this strategy for its own accelerated growth while keeping the sport as accessible as possible?

  • A New Product Category

    Ultimate United is creating a product that will streamline the way ultimate is taught, learned and experienced through technology. Our entire business model revolves around investing in the sport, growing the market, growing our revenue, and repeating the cycle.


    At the same time, we embrace the essence of ultimate's history and values. Our goal is to unite all flavors of the sport with a universal message. The ultimate community is very passionate and protective, so we know we must aim to exceed all expectations.


    Ultimate United aims to support ultimate with the best products, services and resources for sustainable leadership and program development.


    Spirit of the Game





  • PLAN

    Build Ecosystem

    Prevent Leadership Burnout

    • Resource Library
    • Management Tools
    • Mentorship Network

    Unite Opportunities

    Foster Educational Environments

    Grow Ultimate

    Showcase Spirit-Sport Lifestyle

  • Now Recruiting

    We actively recruit the best and the brightest with a passion for R&D, leadership and, of course, ultimate! Are you interested in contributing to the Ultimate United mission? Complete an application and send to apply@ultimateunited.com
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  • Empowering future generations of ultimate leaders and athletes.​

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    Hey Ulti Community, Wow! This has been interesting and unexpected. Early last week the United Ultimate League made its debut announcement and mixed semi-pro ultimate was suddenly within reach for the community. Soon after, we began receiving inquiries at our website www.ultimateunited.com. We...
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