Rules Analysis
World Flying Disc Federation 2017 Rules of Ultimate
18. Infractions and Violations

Marking Infractions:


Marking infractions include the following:

"Double Team" –a defensive player other than the marker is within three (3) metres of the thrower's pivot point without also guarding another offensive player. However, merely running across this area is not a double team.


Two or more defensive players are within 3 metres of the thrower and are not guarding any other players.


The thrower may call “double team” unless all “extra” defenders can claim they are guarding (within three meters of an offensive player and are reacting to that offensive player) another offensive player, or if they are merely running across the area.


In zone defence it is common for a defender to come within 3 metres of the thrower when another offensive player enters into that same area. To avoid a double team the defender must be guarding that offensive player, which can include attempting to stop a pass to that offensive player.

If the defence does not believe they have committed a double team infraction they may call contest and play shall stop – they cannot just ignore the call.

Any number of defensive players are allowed to guard the same offensive receiver.


When a double team is called and is uncontested, the marker must first wait for the illegal positioning to be corrected (18.1.4) and then resume the stall count with the number last fully uttered before the call, minus one (1) (18.1.3).

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