Rules Analysis
World Flying Disc Federation 2017 Rules of Ultimate
17. Fouls

Any reference in section 17 to ‘contact’ is considered to be a reference to non-incidental contact, as, per 15.1, a foul is specifically defined as “non-incidental contact”.


Dangerous Play:


Reckless disregard for the safety of fellow players is considered dangerous play and is to be treated as a foul, regardless of whether or when contact occurs. This rule is not superseded by any other rule. If uncontested this must be treated as the most relevant foul from Section 17.

Dangerous Play fouls can be called before an event to avoid a potential collision e.g. a defender runs/layouts in a way that an accident would occur if the offence were to continue. When this occurs it is correct to not make a play on the disc & to call a ‘dangerous play’ foul.

Players calling a Dangerous Play foul before a potential incident need to have reasonable grounds for doing so. They should actually be able to see the on coming player and have some reason to believe that player will not avoid contact – this could include a previous history of that player to not avoid contact. You cannot call dangerous play if you feel you could have made a play on the disc, but that would have resulted in you initiating contact. In that instance, you should just refrain from making the play.

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