Rules Analysis
World Flying Disc Federation 2017 Rules of Ultimate
10. The Check

The person checking the disc in must first verify with the nearest opposition player that their team is ready.

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If there is an unnecessary delay in checking the disc in, the opposition may give a verbal warning (“Delay of Game”) and, if the delay continues, they may check the disc in by calling “Disc In”, without verification from the opposition.


An unnecessary delay includes discussing team tactics (who is guarding whom, who should attempt to catch the next pass). A discussion to resolve the outcome of a call is not an unnecessary dela.


After a “Delay of Game” called against the defence where the unnecessary delay continues, the thrower may call “Disc In” and then immediately make a pass.Extra:The person checking the disc in must still ensure that all players are stationary and in the correct position before checking the disc in.


It is recommended that the opposing team provide a warning to the opposition, and make sure they are aware of the rule, before enforcing this rule.