Rules Analysis
World Flying Disc Federation 2017 Rules of Ultimate
1. Spirit of the Game

If, after discussion, players cannot agree, or it is unclear:


what occurred in a play,or


what would most likely have occurred in a play,

the disc must be returned to the last non-disputed thrower.

Before the disc is returned to the thrower when players cannot agree, players should discuss what happened in the play. Both players involved should attempt to clearly explain what they think happened and listen to the view of their opponent, or other players with good perspective on the play.

If discussion is difficult due to a language barrier, then gestures or recreations of the incident can be used to indicate what was experienced during the incident (eg striking yourself across the back of the hand to show that your hand was hit as you were trying to catch the disc).

There are times where an event happens where it is not possible to be reasonably certain of exactly what happened (eg no one had a good view, or it happened too quickly). There are also times where it can be difficult to determine whether something ‘affected the play’. In those circumstance the disc should be returned to the last non-disputed thrower.

Discussions should be as brief as possible with the preferred outcome being either a retracted call, or an uncontested call. However once it becomes clear that no resolution will be reached, the disc should be returned to the last non-disputed thrower. The suggested maximum length of a stoppage due to a discussion is forty-five (45) seconds).

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