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Statement Regarding UUL

+ Ultimate United Update!

Hey Ulti Community,

Wow! This has been interesting and unexpected. Early last week the United Ultimate League made its debut announcement and mixed semi-pro ultimate was suddenly within reach for the community. Soon after, we began receiving inquiries at our website We suspect many googled ‘United Ultimate League’, as we did, and found our website in the top results. As some of you pointed out in the AMA and Twitter, we are Ultimate United, a different organization than the United Ultimate League.

At the moment, we are working to resolve the branding confusion with the UUL. We made our brand debut as Ultimate United in August 2016 and have been working behind the scenes soon after obtaining seed funding. With the UUL’s Washington Generals also needing a new name, we're aware most of their branding is still unestablished and will be able differentiate away from Ultimate United with a new name for the league itself. Right now, their business depends on a successful Kickstarter and there has yet to be a formal company registered, so feel free to suggest new names for them as we expect they’ll be searching for ideas. We are looking forward to seeing UUL’s progress pending this resolution, as their ambition aligns with our values and dedication to the sport. We hope the community can forgive the UUL for being unaware of the branding conflict and continue to support them as they continue evolving their project.

In the meantime, we thought it would further help brand clarity if we provided an update about what we've been up to.

Ultimate United aims to support youth and college ultimate with the best products, services, and resources for sustainable leadership and program development. We were founded in 2011 as Aero Ultimate and were known for products like the SkyLight vertical trainer and Team Tree mentorship program. After 4 years of R&D we were ready to refine the vision of the company, which led to K2’s Ultimate 2030 articles, the rebrand to Ultimate United, the Alexa vision story, and the new business model.

Since then, we have working behind the scenes with our core team and focus groups to refine many of our prototypes, content, internal structure, and launch timing. Long story short, here's just a snapshot of what we've got going on at the moment:

  • Knowledge map expansion to 750 topics
  • Visual language/iconography for drill/playbook design
  • Terminology tool with popularity data for 300+ ultimate-specific words
  • SOTG System and Self-officiation tools
  • Naturopathic training methods and diet standards used by professional athletes
  • Leadership, organizational and team funding best practices
  • Patent paperwork (oooph…)
  • Esports & video game industry research
  • Preparing to move HQ to Denver, CO (shout out Broncos!)
  • Business as usual: Structure/processes, brand/style guide, company culture, onboarding/training, equality policies & strategies, etc.
  • Staff life: Two babies on the way and two master's degrees and an ND finishing up this Spring! :)

From our experience in the Aero days, we've found that the ultimate community is very passionate and has high standards for products before adopting them. We've adjusted our approach to initial quality and beta testing because of this and have growing focus groups that we review different products with. It's definitely a big itch to scratch knowing how much our developments can help the community immediately, even when unpolished. Sustainability is a big focus for us, so we're hoping to get the product system and business model right moving forward. Even though we like to play the long ball (flatball?), we're hoping to finish our initial release sometime this year.

Right now, there's a few ways to get involved:

  • You can sign up to our email list on to be first to know when the launch is getting closer.
  • You can look out for job postings on (a few more coming soon).
  • If you're interested in joining one of our focus groups, be sure to keep a lookout for surveys on reddit r/ultimate and popular ultimate Facebook groups.

As always, we love the passion the ultimate community has and that's why we're focusing on bringing it the best. We look forward to the days where we have many more frequent interactions with y’all, but alas, we've got some layout practice to do.


The Ultimate United Team

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